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Professional Bitumen Tank Cleaning throughout Australia

Our professional industrial tank cleaning service will make sure your business is back on-line promptly.

We pride ourselves in developing a positive working relationship with you, so that we can meet your needs and wishes more precisely. That’s what makes Olde Skool Pty Ltd. the best Bitumen tank cleaning contractors in the business.

Olde Skool Pty Ltd, the specialist Bitumen Tank Cleaning contractors have been operating a professional service to the Bitumen industry since 1995 and offer a reliable prompt service to all clients no matter where they are Australia wide.

Bitumen Tank and Emulsion Storage Tank Cleaning

Olde Skool’s experienced crew are capable of cleaning almost any type of industrial tank, including bitumen, emulsion, crude, fuel and slop oil, asphalt, gasoline, marine and more. Tank cleaning methods and capabilities include:

  • Fully mobile service covering all areas of Australia (even the extreme remote locations)
  • Ultra high pressure water blasting units up to 6,000 psi (500 bar)
  • Low pressure water blasting and steam cleaning down to 2,500 psi
  • The latest innovations in technology to ensure a top-quality clean every time
  • De-Coking of tankers and pipework

Professional Services

When the going gets tough working in all weather conditions – wind – rain and shine bitumen sprayers can get very untidy very quickly and when presentation on the job is a priority Olde Skool Pty Ltd can get your vehicles looking tidy again. When the time is due for having testing processes done on your vehicles we at Olde Skool Pty Ltd know just what needs to be acheived and can and will clean your vehicles totally internally and externally to make servicing a much less costly and cleaner task. De-Coking of trailers can also be a huge saving for you allowing for a greater carrying capacity and a cleaner delivery product

Our Services Include

  • Spray Trucks in preperation for bar testing
  • Removal of all carbon deposits
  • Semi trailer tankers to de-foul.
  • Static Tanks containing all products from Emulsions to Crumbed
  • Rubber and anything in-between
  • short- and long-term regular cleaning arrangements to suit your
  • individual needs


  • Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting units up to 6,000 psi (500 bar)
  • Low pressure water blasting and steam cleaning down to 2,500 psi
  • Purpose built wash bay workshop located in Greenbank Brisbane with a very high bay access of 5.5 metres and 600 square metres of floor space to service any vehicles from Spray Trucks to Semi trailers and all heavy equipment.

A Tidy Finish

Olde Skool Pty Ltd take pride in our workmanship to give you the best possible results in the shortest possible time. Call 0402 534 694 for a free no risk appraisal anytime and see what we can offer you. With very reasonable rates anywhere across Australia we will come to you with our professional Service

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